Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advent Week 3 - Thursday

This has definitely been a few days spent in 'plan b'.  Nothing like a week of school concerts (Dh conducting two at his school, me with one at mine and Pk singing in the choir at hers) to put us into an insane frenzy of activity that makes reflecting on the peace and stillness of the season nigh on impossible.

Then, along comes the storm of the century and we move from 'plan b' to 'plan q'!  The drive home from work was terrifying (when you are driving home and you don't recognize the forest on either side of you at all, despite the fact that you have driven this road five days a week for three years and often a whole lot before that, you know you are in trouble).  Then, we got the news that the school board had declared an "inclement weather" evening (no, really???) and all concerts and meetings were cancelled and then Lb's Beavers Christmas party was cancelled.  We went from an evening of my being a single parent and trying to get two kids to different places at the same time and juggling pick up to the entire family at home and the kids vaguely upset about what they were missing.

Then, Dh came up with a plan.  Our tree had been up in the living room since Monday but we hadn't had time to decorate and we weren't sure when we would do it.  His idea was that we could make a special evening of it tonight.  It actually did work out rather well.  I put on the Chris Tomlin album Adore (which has become a staple around here this year, despite the fact that it is a couple of years old) and the decorating began.  Our tree does not end up being a fancy tree but a very simple tree with white lights, red wooden beads and the ornaments that tell the story of our families is what I want most.  I had a few minutes of rage (my family has their moments and what began as a frenzy of wanting to help and everyone getting in the way became me doing it all on my own while they made a mess around me) but we eventually settled into nostalgia and discussions about Christmases past that felt like a wonderful way to spend the time.  It was Pk's year to put the star on the tree, which she loved.  We were all very satisfied with the results and now, I plan to get into my warm bed, knit a few rows while I listen to a book and then, doze off.  Goodnight!

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