Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I couldn't ask for more from Christmas Eve.  We had a wonderful early service at our church (and this is the non-traditional but beautiful Advent wreath for this year) and as always, our minister did a terrific job making it a family friendly service that was also meaningful for we grown ups.  They thought of everything, including battery candles and glow sticks for the kids rather than worrying about the kids setting each other or the church on fire!

We had a really lovely dinner with friends.  They have very little family and we make it a point of doing Christmas Eve together as a kind of friends/family tradition.  As always, I made a meat pie (and I have to say, I do make a FANTASTIC meat pie) and we exchanged gifts.  It was really touching because there was so much thought put into the gifts by everyone and it was clear that people were happy and touched.

We came home and did our usual Christmas jammies and photos with animals and kids (which is always good for a laugh - we are a bit concerned that the cat may seek revenge tonight, though).

 Now, the grown-ups are helping Santa put the finishing touches on the gifts and then, it's off to bed.  It's funny, by Christmas morning, I already feel like Christmas is done.  I think of everything as happening in the dark and the light of morning seems less magical.

For all who are celebrating, I wish you a day of love, laughter and gratitude, the kind that takes your breath away as your come to appreciate just how many blessings you enjoy.  I had that moment this morning, when I reflected on the generosity and kindness of a few friends over that last couple of days.  I may be an introvert but I have been gifted with some amazing people in my life.  I hope you are awed by your blessings today and always.

Our Saviour is born!

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