Saturday, May 2, 2009

Future Hope Project

I have met two wonderful, generous people, Abbie and Gin, through our Bible Study.  They have come up with a brilliant idea.  They both have hearts for others and have been really connected to areas of need around the world.  The Future Hope Project is something that has come from this awareness of need.  They are giving us an opportunity to support mother and babies in Uganda and in a way that really doesn't require much from us.  If you are like me and love packing the Operation Christmas Child boxes and shopping for wonderful treats, this is a job for you.  For more information, check out their website.
Best of lucky, ladies, I am looking forward to getting started on collecting for my donations.


  1. Isn't this just the coolest idea they came up with?!?!

  2. Thanks so much for posting about the project Sarah and for the well wishes! You are too sweet for words!

    Oh, and I will still enter you in the drawing and if you win-we will find another gift card to send that you can use!!

  3. Thanks, Abbie. I just love the idea and would like to see it catch on. I want to print out the info and post it in the staffroom at work. People might really get a kick out of it, especially since my school is so active in the Voices for Africa campaign to raise money for the Stephen Lewis foundation that supports A.I.D.S. work in Africa.

  4. That would be cool. I'll try to come up with something that would be more printable if you want!