Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Daily 11

I want to start by saying how much fun I am having with these December Daily posts! Nobody is commenting so I hope that I am not boring you completely but I must say, I am enjoying them so I hope you don't mind. I like the fact that, knowing that I am going to try to have pics t post, I am taking photos of the special little moments that I might not otherwise have noticed. It's a nice way to get ready for Christmas.

We have truly moved into winter weather, even if winter doesn't begin officially for another couple of weeks. While we didn't get as much snow as some in the last 24 hours, we got enough that it's a white world (which is so nice after the grey-yuckiness of November!). Dh had to get the snow blower out and Pk was beside herself. This was the view out the front window this morning:

I thought I would also share this photo. When it is dark out, I always look at this streetlight to see whether it is snowing or not. It's become such a habit in the time that we have lived here that even in the summer, I find myself looking at this light to check for snow. This morning, when I got up, it was definitely snowing.
Last night, I began one of our annual jobs that always seems to fall between the cracks. In between repeated trips to Pk's room to get her down (she was not cooperating last night), we worked on our Christmas cards. This year, we are sending photo cards and I feel a teeny bit funny about it. I love them - they were done up by the photographer who did our family shots earlier this fall and they have turned out really well (although in her first draft, when she listed the family names, she had Dh as "Steve" and, if you know Dh, he is NOT a "Steve"). We decided that we would send them out with a Christmas letter to most of our recipients (we are not arrogant enough to think that the entire world would want photos of us, although the ones of the kids are super). I also know that the annual Christmas letter is a controversial thing - some love them and some hate them (I personally love them, I like to see what people have been up to, especially people that I only have contact with once a year). I don't want people to think that we are being impersonal or arrogant, thinking that everyone wants to know our news. On the other hand, without the letter, there are those who might wonder who Baby Bean is! We have started to get our cards in the mail and I personally love it, especially the ones that do include photos.
Needless to say, Pk was thrilled by the snow but I, on the other hand, only enjoyed it until I realised how much work getting the kids ready to take Pk to daycare would actually be. The outdoor wear became even more of a problem when I went to pick Pk up from daycare and discovered that another girl had taken Pk's snowpants home by mistake. That was enough for a total meltdown that took about 10 minutes to settle.
Today was a Baby Bean and I day - it was marvelous. We had a nap together (I love doing that!) and we did some shopping for Christmas gifts. I don't know how I would get everything done without these daycare days. I feel badly about Pk not being here but I am convinced that our relationship is better for the fact that I am not getting grouchy with her for wandering away in the store. He is sitting up with minimal support and rolling all over the place. It made me sad when I realised at the clothing store that he doesn't fit into most of the Carter's baby line, at least what they sell at Bonnie Togs. I'm not ready for him to start being a little boy... I want to hold onto my baby for a little longer, since he will probably be our last one.


  1. Wow.. I haven't read any blogs in such a long time! Sorry about that, I normally love to read your stuff and comment, but life has been busy! I'm catching up now, though! Baby Bean has gotten so big! Look at him! Wow! How is he doing at night now? Mine started the habit of waking every night, and it is the odd night we get him to sleep 9 hours, but I'm ok with that. I think he needs his own room... Too bad about the skipant switcheroo... hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow!

    Daily posts... sounds like a good idea!

  2. Hi, Sab! It's nice to have you visit! The sleeping has been HORRIBLE for the last week or so but he is getting his second tooth and rollong around like crazy so I am praying this is temporary.

  3. I've been enjoying reading you more often. And that last pic of Baby Bean is so cute!

    I like getting the Xmas letters, too, especially, like you said, if it's from someone you here from only rarely/yearly. I'm not a huge fan of the rhyming ones or the too braggy ones or too long ones, but I like hearing what people have been doing, how old their kids are now (if any), & biggish news like new jobs, etc.

  4. I know that feeling - I'm the same with The Bun. Stay small, wee mannies!

    And not bored, just busy! Gulping six posts at a time, here...