Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily 5

I am not a believer in the "prosperity gospel" and I don't believe that having faith means that you will be rich and get everything you want. That being said, I do find it amazing the way that our needs are always met and often in ways that come totally out of left field. I can't believe that God isn't playing a role in that.

For me, our "new" piano is one of those things. Pk is doing the Music for Young Children programme and I noticed that for next year, it is expected that we will have access to a piano or keyboard for practice. We had been thinking about trying to buy one second-hand but knew that we really didn't know all that much about them and while they are plentiful on Craigslist, it would be hard to know what would be worth buying. Out of the blue, we got an email from our minister's wife to say that someone from the congregation had moved and their piano wouldn't fit in their house. They were looking for a good home for it and it was ours for the price of moving it. This piano is old and has a few war wounds but the sound quality is good, as is the key pressure. We have all been loving it since its arrival, especially Pk, and it also makes a great display place for our nativity scene. I am looking forward to some singing carols as a family around the piano this year!

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  1. God is certainly good! I love how He always provides my needs, even before I know I need! I love this piano story! :)