Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Daily 21

Today was a busy but fairly uneventful day after the worst night we have ever had with Baby Bean. He was up over and over again and for longer stretches. I am hoping it is due to teething as it would at least mean that there might be some end in sight. I really do find myself getting discouraged. At least once the day gets going, I pick up and move on.

Most of our days lately have been so busy and full, I wanted to do some things today that didn't involve rushing. We got up slowly, Baby Bean played in his exersaucer while I made the mincemeat tarts for my sister-in-law's for Christmas Day. She sells Pampered Chef and had that open house last weekend. I bought a tart pan and said that it would be silly to order something that would probably arrive after all of my baking. She offered me hers to use as long as I would make her tarts. It seemed like a good deal to me since I like to bake and these days, Baby Bean likes to hang out in the kitchen. I have been feeling the need to get these tarts done. S.i.l. told Dh yesterday that she is keeping all the receipts for the meal she is hosting on Christmas Day and plans to ask everyone to pay a percentage and that our tarts will get us out of paying. I have never heard of asking one's guests to pay and, to be honest, was a bit horrified by it but I wonder whether it might be some kind of tradition from her husband's family that I have never heard of. It won't ever happen in my home, that's for sure.

The next activity was assembling our gingerbread house. I have always wanted to do one but never knew where to start. I had the pan that Kittenpie gave me and have never gotten the courage up to try it. For some odd reason, royal icing seemed intimidating. Pk and I had a blast. It was easier than I thought and the house went together fairly easily. We won't win any prizes but Pk was proud (and dying to eat) and I can now say that it is something that I have done.

(Notice the icing on her chin?)

We did a bunch of shopping and now have almost all of our gifts bought. We went somewhere that wasn't all that busy but I find it interesting that none of the places I have gone have been all that busy other than Costco, which is always a madhouse from the middle of November on. We did some hanging out at home and I had Baby Bean in the sling to do some jobs - it's his favourite place in the entire world. I keep seeing pics of other people that are self-done on blogs and so I thought I would give it a try. As you can see, my placid little baby is turning into a monkey who wants to grab EVERYTHING.

When we were at Canadian Tire, we saw these snowflake lights, the ones that are hanging in the window. We have had icicle lights there but they clash with the lights on the tree. There are a really warm light and quite pretty. They were cheap, too, which makes them really wonderful. I could sit in the living room and admire the lights and the tree for hours.
Tomorrow is going to be wild. We have the Christmas potluck at church and I have to run the cookie exchange as well. Normally, I would have Dh to help me out but he can't sit very long right now, he is much better standing or lying down, so he won't be going with me. It should be interesting to see how I manage with both littles, trying to get everything done.


  1. Ok, first of all, your SIL is ... well, I suppose I can be blunt...rude & crazy! Keeping track of her receipts, then asking her guests to pay a percentage?! WHAT?!?!? Is she going to be counting spoonfuls of mash, slices of turkey, nibbles of veg? That's truly outrageous and not a tradition I've EVER heard of. Miss Manners must be spinning in her grave like an axle! That is... horrifying!!!!!! How very, very tacky and rude and UNwelcoming! Sheesh! You know, you might want to prewarn the family on that one, if you think so, since they'll be likely to be caught as flat-footed as you were, hearing that. Then they can decide how they're going to handle it BEFORE they're presented with a bill! Again, I say, what is she THINKING?! How utterly rude!

    Ok, whew. In more pleasant (and less crazy) commentary, your gingerbread house looks lovely! I've done kits with my girls the last couple of years & we're all about the fun & the candy & the sneaking tastes. I figure it's a tradition that can become fancier once they get older. :) Gotta let go of my perfectionism with these! :)

    Also, Baby Bean is so CUTE! And big! Didn't you just have him?! :) Pretty snowflake lights, too!

  2. I have to agree with the above comment that I have NEVER heard of such an outrageous plan - saving receipts and asking guests to pay their portion. Wow!

    I also have to agree that you have one adorable boy - I'm so sorry he's such a bad sleeper. Believe me, I know all too well what that is like, so I sympathize greatly with you.

    Love the snowflake lights and the gingerbread house is cute. Sydney has begged in past years to do one, and I was planning on doing one this year. But she hasn't said a word about it yet.

  3. O.k., I am glad everyone else feels the same. We were... scandalized by the idea but didn't know if we were being judgemental. If I am totally honest, I will have to say that my s.i.l. rubs me the wrong way sometimes and I can be very judgmental and I need to work on that. I was curious if this was just us... guess it's not.
    Thanks for the sleeping support, Jill. I think it is a teeny bit easier to manage this time round only because I know from my experience with Pk that she did eventually sleep and for a while with her, it felt like I would never sleep again. I know he will get better and I just need some patience, which seems to be in short supply these days.
    Too bad we aren't closer, Jill, we could do a gingerbread party. I have a friend who saves all the Halloween candy for the gingerbread house as a way of keeping her kids from having too much sugar at Halloween. That seemed like a brilliant idea and may become a tradition here.