Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily

I have been hearing a lot from other scrapbookers about the concept of a "December Daily". I love the idea - you make a little scrapbook and each day, you include material and journaling about that day, with the idea of capturing the build up to Christmas. I would love to do a December Daily album but time and money won't allow it this year. I would like to capture December, though and thought it might be kind of fun to try and do on one of my blogs. I really should do it on my private blog but I haven't written there in so long, I can't imagine that anyone still checks it. I have debated doing it here since I try not to post pics of my kids but I have decided that I will. My daughter is already on the header so you know what she looks like. I see how many photos are put up on blogs all the time without permission - unless I keep my daughter in the house, her photo will appear online whether I post or not. I probably won't make a habit of it but for this month, I will break my rule.

If you want to see a great blog with lots of December Daily info, click on this link.

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