Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Daily - Christmas Day

Christmas Day was nice but, to be honest, it was kind of anti-climactic. I always find it that way. I really do prefer Christmas Eve - the service and the solemnity really connect me to what I really think it is all about. I do have to say, though, that with Pk the age that she is, Christmas Day was a lot more fun that it has been over the last few years.

I was the first one up. Baby Bean and I, that is. He and I did not have a good night and when I got up, I had a raging headache and a strong desire to go back to bed. The dogs were wired... they knew that there were stockings full of treats in the living room and they were determined to get there! Finally, Pk woke up. She had been excited about Santa coming and her first words to me were, "Did Santa come? Can I feed the reindeer?"

As always, it wasn't always the big things that made the impact. A good friend of ours has a dehydrator and one of her gifts was a big jar of dried apples. You would have thought that Pk had been given a winning lottery ticket.
Lucie, our dog, knew exactly where the dog stockings were...
Pk was very happy to get her gifts. We got her a Playmobil dollhouse for her birthday in September and for Christmas, Santa got her the expansion floor and a staircase for each floor. She was very excited! Santa also got her one room of furniture and her grandparents, and her aunt and uncle got her a room each - she doesn't know that she is getting the last room on New Years' Day when she goes to see her other grandparents.
Baby Bean loved his books that he received - in fact, he "devoured" them!
The dogs had an orgy of chewing.
As always with children, the cheapest gifts were some of the biggest favs. Baby Bean loves this silicone teething soother although he prefers to chew the handle than the nipple.
An honourary auntie got Pk a book autographed by Robert Munsch. She doesn't yet appreciate how cool a gift it actually is!
For lunch, we all ventured over the dh's sister's house. She had all of her husband's family as well as ours, which meant 25 people. It was chaotic and the kids were very tired... it was nice but all of you mothers who have tried to do big "dos" away from home with understand when I say that I was dropping with exhaustion by the time we got home. Baby Bean wouldn't sleep because there was too much going on and so by the time we left, he was NOT a happy camper.
Pk went another route and fell asleep on Grandma at about 5. She slept deeply and was very, very grouchy when we had to wake her up to go home. Grandma loved the cuddle, though. She has always felt that Pk was a bit prickly about cuddles, only wanting mummy, so she was going to take every minute she could get.

Overall, it was a nice day. The only sad part was that I didn't get to see my parents since the kids were still fighting the cold. We couldn't risk giving it to my dad with his breathing problems. Everyone being well, we hope to see them on New Years' Day.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed it immensely but don't think I am up to it for another year or so!

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  1. I feel the same about Christmas... and also woke up sick. Took a nap later that day with the kiddos, haha. And I love the pic of Baby Bean eating his book! Our kids have so much in common! ;)