Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Daily 3

As always, this poor blog has been very sadly neglected in the frenzy that is my life. I had such great plans and I have been taking photos, it's just the posting that seems to be the problem. Evenings have been very chaotic and the kids haven't exactly been cooperative about bedtimes lately, so I don't have much evening time on the computer. Anyway, I'll do my best to catch up.

Pk volunteered herself to be on the school's float in the town Christmas parade and so we got a letter home asking us to purchase either a pair of reindeer antlers or a Santa hat. Pk was beside herself with glee because she is OBSESSED with reindeer this year, Rudolph especially (which I believe to be designed to drive her mother, who is trying to keep a very sacred focus on Christmas, nuts). Anyway, we couldn't have antlers in the house without harassing a dog. Chelsea, as always, was a good sport, since the kids were eating muffins and she thought that there might be a treat involved.

The parade itself ended up being something of an exercise in maternal frustration. I didn't think that a hat AND antlers would would together so I offered Pk my earmuffs. She was very excited by the idea but then, once the parade began, decided that she wanted to be bare-headed. That was not o.k. with me so the final outcome ended up being her wearing my hat and scowling through the entire parade. In a small town, everyone knows everyone so I have been fielding a lot of questions about what was wrong with Miss Misery. I think that part of the issue was that she was at school on Friday (we do an alternate day schedule for kindergarten here and it was her week to go three days and that left her exhausted).
Later Saturday, we ran down to the city to see my parents. The original plan was that she was going to go with Uncle J to see a movie in honour of J week. She ended up being scared by the previews (one of the reasons that we so rarely take her to movies - I get really ticked at what is felt by marketers to be appropriate for littles) but she and Uncle J went to get a little tree for Gran and Momis instead and they had a great time. We did all the Christmas gifts since my mom is going in for another round of surgery on Dec. 15 (prayers, please) and she won't be in any shape for little visitors for several weeks if last time's recovery is what we can expect this time.

The kids were spoiled and had a lovely time. I think my favourite part of the day was knowing that Uncle J took Pk to the tree lot that we always went to as kids and that he and Pk carried the tree back singing Christmas carols, just like we always did when we were younger.
I ended the day feeling very lucky.

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