Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Daily 5

We have a good friend who has a tree cutting party every year.  We all go to the tree lot, cut down a tree and then go back to Grannie Annie's house for chili, lots of great bread and Deb's turtle brownies.  it wouldn't feel like Christmas without this tradition.  This year was great - LB discovered a love of gingerbread at the tree farm, Dh forgot to take cash, forgetting that in the country they don't take debit, so the kids and I killed a lot of time in the heated shelter waiting for him to come back from the bank machine in town and the chili was yummy as always.  The tree will rest in the garage until around the 23rd - we do it the English way and don't put the tree up until just before Christmas.  I am often accused of choosing a cathedral-sized tree - I think everyone will agree that this year's tree was of a modest size.
It was a lovely day!

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