Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17th

It was a lovely day!  To begin, we got a surprise that a good friend and his children were coming up into the "Great White North" to cut a tree for the first time (truly, so much more fun than just picking one at the lot!)  These are friends we love but with our busy lives, we don't see each other anywhere near enough.  This was such a treat.  The only sad part was that the mommy of this wonderful family was working - we will just have to work harder to see her over the holidays!

The children were thrilled because we had a bit of snow.  Not enough for snowmen but certainly enough to make the odd angel.  Pk is in love with snow angels right now so this was her favourite time of the day.
 In the afternoon, we broke down and brought our tree in.  It's been in the garage for a week.  Dh and I really like to wait until just before Christmas but given that we work until the 23rd, I am not sure we will get to decorating before the big day if we wait.  It's a smaller tree than we usually get but so pretty!
 Dear friends had an open house last night.  The food and company were wonderful.  LB loved this little table and chair set my friend has.  I can't get over how grown up he is looking.  I'm missing my baby!
 One great thing about parties like this is that the kids were involved and M had even got a ridiculous amount of candy for gingerbread decorating.  The kids were in love.
 Lb has discovered a new kind of soother.
See you tomorrow!

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