Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday, December 16th

Sorry, no post yesterday.  It was school concerts and I couldn't post any photos thanks to lack of permission.  It was a crazy day yesterday.  Today is the aftermath - as Dh said, LB decided that he was going to re-enact the battle of Jericho and he was Joshua and I was the Philistines.  The screaming was so bad that we called friends to cancel our dinner together since we thought it would be a disaster.  Strangely, it stopped as quickly as it had begun and we ended up having a quiet evening together making the treats for Pk and Lb's friends at daycare.  I always make something and Pinterest is always full of great ideas.  This year, I am making these.  Of course, mine were a little meltier than the ones in the online recipe but I don't think the kids will complain.  Tomorrow I will get nice bags and Pk and I will make tags.
Have a lovely Friday night!


  1. Oh I saw those and want to try them - how were they?

  2. They were absolutely delicious - dangerously so, LOL! They were also great because Pips was able to take something that she had actually made herself.