Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Bucket List

I was just having a look at my blog and realised that I still have my fall bucket list posted.  It's time to change that.  I'm trying to keep my list separate from Christmas since winter tends to be pretty bleak after Christmas passes.  Here we go:

-make special hot chocolate (and find some special H.C. recipes)
-make matching hats for the entire family (silly but fun)
-spend a day with all of us in our pyjamas
-take the dogs for a winter hike in the forest
-find at least three new comfort food recipes
-find a new author that I like reading
-build a snowman
-paint snow
-take the kids sledding
-have a games night with friends
-shovel snow as a family
-decorate for Valentine's Day
-cook a haggis for Robert Burns' Day
-order seed catalogues and plan to add at least two new plants to the garden this year
-repeat the Love challenge from Muthering Heights
-start a winter scrapbook for winter memories

That's a good start.  I may add more down the road.  It almost (but not quite) makes me look forward to winter.

I'd love any suggestions that you have!  I tend to find winter rather blah and would love to spark it up a bit.

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  1. I have a fantastic pulled pork recipe in the crock pot. It is so yummylicious and so very easy, let me know if that's something you're into for your winter bucket list perhaps?