Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18th

Poor Dh, he has this habit of getting a winter cold that turns into a cough that lasts and lasts and lasts.  It's loud enough that it keeps us all up and most especially him.  He feels fine otherwise and I don't think he is contageous but he is exhausted from the lack of sleep.  Usually, he's up by 8 but he just kept sleeping and after the week of concerts and illness and his parents' visiting, I decided to let him sleep.  Since he didn't get up until almost 10, that ruled out church.  I think we've been really pushing everyone around here so a day at home won't kill any of us.

LB was the first up (surprise, surprise) so he and I started getting ready to decorate the tree and then Pk got up so we did the lights and the red wooden beads that I just adore.  I love red on a tree and I don't like much glitter so they totally capture the simple look I want.  As you can see, LB liked them, too!
We tried to get some great lights shots but between the cheap camera and the poor photographer, we didn't have much success.  We did have fun, though!

When Daddy finally got up, we had breakfast together.  Pk has this current habit (that will probably disappear as quickly as it came) of squeezing her clementines into the peel to drink and I wanted to capture it as a memory of this Christmas.
We had to go out and get some groceries and then, after nap, we decorated the tree.  Pk was determined that she needed to put our star up top.  Dh got it as a teacher gift quite a few years ago now and while it's very simple, I think it's just about perfect.  I love it!

LB did something that totally melted his Grandpa's heart.  Dh's family are long-time Salvation Army members with an active involvement in the band.  Dh and I met at university for music and brass is in the family blood.  LB went and pulled our tuba and trombone ornaments off the tree and began to walk around trying to play them.  This went on all evening and then he took them to bed.  Grandpa has high hopes that he will follow in the family tradition.  Based on today, I think he might be right!

As always, a "quiet" family day also involved work.  Pk and I wrote up all her gift cards for her friends from daycare and we bagged the treats.  We also got the alfalfa ready for the class guinea pig and packaged up the pencils for her class.

Wednesday evening is our cookie exchange with our dinner moms so Pk and I also baked our cookies to contribute.  I did my usual chocolate crinkle cookies but substituted mint extract for the vanilla.  Yum!

I'm going to have to work hard at getting photos this week.  It's going to be so busy and we are so tired!  I can't wait for some rest at Christmas time.

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