Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday, December 14th

Today I got to be mummy.  We had Pk's kindergarten concert (which they do in the day and I don't like that very much - not fair to working parents).  I arranged with her teacher to go and volunteer in the classroom afterwards since I was taking the day off, anyway.  I had so much fun.  I don't generally think kids are that cute but oh, my, the cuteness was breathetaking :-)
After the concert, the kids went back to the classroom for treats with the families and then when the parents rolled out, it went back to being a normal day.  I ended up helping to do a craft involving painting of hands and doing prints (torture, LOL, I hate doing crafts in my own classroom).  I love Pk's teacher - she is such a sweetie and is doing an amazing job.

 I took Pk out of school for lunch, something that I can never do.  We went to the local Chinese takeout place - in a town this size, there aren't many options, especially that can be successfully managed in an hour with a four year old.
 After school, we finished up Pk's Christmas treats for her school friends (don't you love the look of concentration) and then went off to get LB.
 He is very into applesauce at the moment and must have two spoons to eat it and after every mouthful does a satisfied sigh.  He's quite a character.
Tomorrow will be a long day - we have the primary open house tomorrow night at my school and my inlaws are coming to take care of the kids since Dh is running a musical at his school.  Getting up on Friday morning is going to be tough.

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